Enjoy your life with the TANGO !

I would like to introduce you to a place where you can hang out with Koreans!
I’ve lived another countries before because of work 🙂
I’ve been to the United states, Canada, Vietnam, Thailand, and other Europe countries.
At first, it was very difficult for me to adjust myself to a foreign culture because of the food and didn’t know anyone so I didn’t have any friends.
So I felt homesick a lot.
However, in order to hang out with people in other countries,
I think language is important because I CAN MAKE FRIENDS MORE EASILY.
So i started looking for a club that i can learn the language of the country I stayed.
I think it is ” LANGUAGE” that you guys in Korea can adapt quickly.
Korean people are very “FRIENDLY”.
So, I would like to introduce you Tango, where you can make new friends with your hobby!!
Feel free to contact me whenever if you are interested about our club.
While in Korea, let’s have fun and fruitful time! 😉

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